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How do you find this rustic barn that is also used as a guest house?

How do you find this rustic barn that is also used as a guest house?
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This rustic barn is beautiful from the outside but it's the interior that amazes us the most!

When most people think of barns, they probably think of chickens, goats and hay bales, and not a comfortable and luxurious living place!

But, once again, most people have not seen this barn.

This beautiful property is located outside of Jackson, Wyoming. The owners wanted to expand their living space and create a guest house and a gym at the same time. They had always admired the barns. So they decided to draw inspiration from them to design and build this rustic but modern structure.

Enjoy the visit!

The gym

The owner hired a friend and architect, John Carney of Carney Logan Burke Architects, to design and build their home.

What he created was quite a masterpiece. Even though it's a barn, the house is far from lacking all the modern amenities of today. You can see here the space for the gym. Did you notice the incredible view?

The kitchen

The large open space leads to the main guest room. There is also a kitchenette for small snacks and a good coffee.

The beams and different shades of wood give the barn its rustic look. The metal elements, railings and lines add a modern touch to the structure.

The guest room

The big room has light colors that offer a magnificent contrast with the wood. The large windows let in lots of natural light which makes the room pleasant.

Ground floor

Downstairs, there is a garage that houses the collection of vintage cars of the owner and his bikes and motorcycles!

An original guest house!

The barn is located about 40 feet from the driveway of the owners' main house. A view from outside shows how beautiful the structure is.

Would you like to own a rustic barn like this? I do!

Source: Home hacks · Photo Credit: Home Hacks

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