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How to turn your old trampoline into a beautiful swing bed

How to turn your old trampoline into a beautiful swing bed
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Did you think your trampoline was good for garbage?

Wait to see what you can do with it. You'll love it even more than the day you bought it! Now, it will not be only for children. Now, this trampoline will become a swing bed that the whole family can use to relax.

This idea is so great, that maybe some of you who do not have a trampoline, will want one just to transform it!

The principle is much simpler than you can imagine. You'll find a tutorial video right here to see all the steps to turn a trampoline into an ultra comfortable outdoor swing bed.

See how these people turn their trampolines into swing beds

1) Remove the trampoline's legs.

2) Keep the black mat if it is in good condition (otherwise replace it with woven rope)

3) Add pool noodles all around the edge of the trampoline, or cut strips of fabric and wrap the strips over the metal frame of the trampoline and around the springs. Use spray glue to stick pretty fabric around the pool noodles.

4) Then wrap the rope over the fabric strips wrapped around the metal frame and springs to hold the fabric in place.

5) Wrap ropes with a high-tensile strength around the entire newly padded metal frame, to possibly suspend the trampoline.

6) Loop all ropes on the swing bed leaving an opening so you can get in the swing.

7) Add fabrics to cover the ropes, to create the tent (optional).

8) Cut a foam mattress at the circumference of the trampoline.

9) Hang the swing bed in a very solid place: a very big tree with a solid branch, a pergola, or a structure made by someone qualified to do it.

10) Cover the foam mattress, add cushions and pillows to decorate it !

See all the transformation details in the following video :

Source : YouTube video BoschDIYpowertoolsUK

A swing bed, even made with a small trampoline can accomodate up to 8 people if the structure is strong enough. See the system made by this family.

Source : YouTube video John Huff

And here are other models to inspire you !

Source :

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