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It's not very impressive from the outside but the inside is absolutely stunning

It's not very impressive from the outside but the inside is absolutely stunning
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Wishing to simplify their life as a couple to be happier, Kathi and Jim MacNaughton wanted to build a tiny house.

After doing an exhaustive search on the subject and watched many TV shows, they finally decided to design their house.

The couple doubted their ability to finish this project, so they commissioned a Colorado-based construction company to put their plans into action - A wise decision! They did not want to exceed their bugdet, so they did some work on their own.

In the end, it is a house with rustic charm, comfortable and incredibly spacious. One of the key point of this house is certainly the many storage spaces, because this is often what's missing in this kind of home.

Take a look inside this 28 feet long house - Just like us, you will be pleasantly surprised by the space available!

* This house is spacious enough to accommodate the cat and the dog, which really seem to enjoy their home :)

* There's a word of welcome under the window in the entrance ... The owners called this house Harmony Haven and it's not difficult to understand why .... This tiny house is so peaceful!

* Kathy loves to cook so the space dedicated to preparing the food has nothing to envy to standard kitchens. Everything is within reach!

* We can't believe that we are in a tiny house ... The size of the counter is very good and there is enough storage for all the dishes and accessories.

* There is not a centimeter that is not used efficiently. For example, this sliding door hides an impressive larder.

* The lounge area, like the rest, is nice and simple. Under each cushions, there are other practical storage units ...

* It's unusual in a house like this, but Kathy and Jim did not want ladders to go upstairs. They opted for two safe staircases, which also act as storage spaces.

* The cat has so many nooks to explore, he doesn't know where to start :)

* Since the couple does not have children, a part of the first floor is dedicated to relaxation and fun. The owners also use this space to work from home.

* The bedroom is incredibly spacious and bright ... Obviously, the cat knows the best "spots" of the house :)

This tiny house is very spacious, but we have to see the inside to believe it! Would you like to live in a tiny house like this?

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