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Learn how to make a beautiful fire pit in less than 3 hours!

Learn how to make a beautiful fire pit in less than 3 hours!
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The weather is starting to improve and it's time to start enjoying our terraces and backyards. What's better way to enjoy the outdoors than an outdoor fire pit?!

However, an outdoor fire pit can be quite expensive ... How about having a beautiful outdoor fire pit, but for a fraction of the price? The project that we have to offer today will please you!

Ever wanted one of those little fire pits that run on lemongrass gel fuel?

It's really easy to make! And very cheap!

You will need:

- 2 salad bowls. One of 25.4 cm (10 ") and one of 30.48 cm (12")

- Cement

- Black marble pebbles

- Heat-resistant concrete mix

- Vegetable oil or other

- A construction wire mesh

- Can of smokeless lemongrass fuel gel for small fire pits

How to do:

1) Prepare the concrete mixture and make it a little thicker, it should not be too liquid

2) Oil the inside of the large bowl and the outside of the small bowl to facilitate demolding

3) Add the concrete in the large bowl and pour the concrete into the large bowl

4) Place the small bowl on top of the concrete and press at the bottom of the bowl to raise the cement

5) Add a heavy object to the bowl so that the bowl stays in place while the concrete freezes and prevent the bowl from rising

6) 48 hours later, remove the cement bowl from the mould and sand the edges only on the top of the cement bowl

7) Cut the wire mesh so that it is the exact size on the metal bowl

8) Add the can of fuel gel to the bottom of the bowl and bend the mesh on top of the can

9) Place the marble pebbles on the grill

10) Turn on the fire pit

The following video shows you in detail each stages of preparation necessary to the realization of this wonderful project that will allow you to create magical moments this summer.

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