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Mason jars are not just for canning

Mason jars are not just for canning
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Draw inspiration from this article !

Who says organization can’t be fun, creative and stylish? With these Mason jar organizer ideas, you can turn any room into an organized space that reflects your personal style and needs.

From the office to the bathroom to the craft room, your house will be much more pleasant with an elegant organization.

Mason jars started out as a practical solution for preserving food. In time, they became multi-use objects that could be found on kitchen and pantry shelves. Their uses seem to keep multiplying. These organizer ideas show just how versatile these glass containers actually are. You can get as creative as you want with these inspirations as your starting point.

Good organisation!

Idea 1

While Mason jars have become associated with rustic decor, they are actually versatile enough to stand out in just about any style of decorating. Elegant labeling makes them sophisticated enough for a modern office or loft. The transformation of a Mason jar works well in a transitional, traditional or contemporary space. From rustic to today’s latest style, these Mason jar organizer ideas will give you the look you want. What do you think of this storage idea for the kitchen?

Idea 2

These Mason jars make a perfect storage for make-up brushes.

Idea 3

It's prettier to see these Mason jars than wipes containers from the store.

Idea 4

These Mason jars will be cute in a playroom or a craft room.

Idea 5

I love these bathroom jars ! Check out Etsy !

Idea 6

Picnics are easy and fun with simple storage like this.

Idea 7

It makes very nice pots to store the pencils!

Idea 8

People always have good ideas for transforming Mason jars. What do you think of this storage for cooking accessories ?

Idea 9

Each pot can be used for cooking utensils.

Idea 10
How original it is! Keep a Mason jar with some sewing stuff inside and on the lid!

Idea 11

I just love this storage for the bathroom. An old wooden board, Mason jars and a few hooks and you're done.

Idea 12

This idea is also very original.

Idea 13

This bathroom storage is simple but very cute!

Idea 14

Keep your garage organized with this storage for screws and other small items.

Idea 15

This is an original toothbrush holder!

Idea 16

I love the idea of printing recipes and sticking them on Mason jars in the pantry.

Idea 17

Free up space on the kids desk with this storage!

Idea 18

Isn't it original?

Idea 19

This storage is very convenient for people who use a lot of strings for craft projects.

Idea 20

The idea of storing items in clear Mason jars makes it easier to find what you are looking for! Here you go!

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