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People really have good ideas to give a second life to their old VHS tapes.

People really have good ideas to give a second life to their old VHS tapes.
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I do not know about you, but as far as I'm concerned, I still have old VHS tapes in my closet as well as cassette tapes.

Some will be transferred but there are many that I would like to throw in garbage.

If you too are in this situation, wait before throwing away your old VHS tapes! Take a look at the following recycling projects, you might be surprised by some of these!

People do not really lack imagination when it comes time to recycle old VHS tapes and cassette tapes.

Enjoy !

Project 1

This lamp was made with several cassette tapes. I must admit that it would be really beautiful in a music studio.

Project 2

A shelf made with VHS tapes, do you like it?

Project 3

This bird house was built with VHS tapes and cassette tapes.

Project 4

You can add photos in VHS tapes.

Project 5

I like this umbrella stand made with VHS tapes and you?

Project 6

Awesome! I love the idea of making furniture to store books and movies.

Project 7

These two coffee tables were made with VHS tapes. Not bad isn't it? I would see this kind of table in the children's playroom.

Project 8

Why not make small shelves on the wall?

Project 9

This artwork was made with VHS tapes. Wow! Congratulations for the originality!

Project 10

Display artwork on VHS tapes; why not?

Project 11

People do not really lack imagination to repurpose their old VHS tapes; what do you think of this flower box?

Project 12

This project is impressive; this foosball soccer table is entirely built with VHS tapes. This is a great idea !

Project 13

Kids will love decorating their walls with projects like this one. The holes of the VHS tapes become the eyes of the animals.

Project 14

I love this clock made with a VHS tape.

Project 15

This floor lamp is really original! This is the kind of decorative object we would see very well in a music studio or in aman cave.

Do you have a favorite project? I must admit that I really like the clock and the umbrella stand. People have a lot of imagination, don't you think? Do not hesitate to share with your friends!

Source: Des idées · Photo Credit: Des idées

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