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Repurpose your Christmas tree into a Valentine's Day tree!

Repurpose your Christmas tree into a Valentine's Day tree!
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If you haven't taken down your Christmas tree yet, then don't! - instead use it as a decoration for Valentine's day! This new trend started this year in 2020 and lots of people are having Valentine's Day Tree in their homes. Swap your Christmas ornaments for red garlands, candy-heart decoration or even use a pink tree! It's a great way to keep your tree for longer if you are having trouble saying goodbye. 

Look below for some inspiration:

Decorate your tree with heart-shaped candies, hearts and bows.

You can use pink garlands and red roses to create that perfect Valentine's look.

Simply use a pink tree and red ornaments!

You can also make your own DIY heart garlands - looks great on a white tree.

Top the tree with a big heart shape!

And if you are really having trouble letting go of that tree, keep it until St-Patrick's day!

What do you think of this new trend? Will you be keeping your tree up for the month of February or is it already down and stored away?

Source: Insider · Photo Credit: insider

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