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She drills 165 holes in a piece of wood and teaches us how to make a practical accessory

She drills 165 holes in a piece of wood and teaches us how to make a practical accessory
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Sometimes we want a particular addition to a bedroom, an original piece of furniture, or an accessory, but that could be useful and practical.

Pegboards are very useful for this kind of projects. Its use has been shown many times in several tutorials on the Internet, and it can be found in any hardware store.

But sometimes, we need bigger holes on our board. Instead of giving up on your project, because you didn't see the pegboard you wanted, why don't you drill the holes yourself? It's quite easy!

Get a plywood board of the desired size. If you do not have an electric drill, you can rent one in several shops.

Then, you'll just need to drill the holes where you want. In this video, the lady drills 165 holes, of equal size and equal distance. Let your imagination run wild! Be creative!

screenshot - YouTube - Home Hardware

Then she painted the board in white and did the same for pegs of the same size as the holes. She also painted small shelves.

After fixing the dowels where she wanted, she securely installed her structure to the wall. She added some shelves on some dowels to put some objects. On the remaining dowels, she added bracelets and necklaces.

screenshot - YouTube - Home Hardware

A great system to organize a bedroom and also decorating it!

screenshot - YouTube - Home Hardware

This pegboard is fantastic as it can be modified over time and according to your needs. You can add more shelves, and hang purses or something else. Why don't you add a mirror with fairy lights?

Have fun!

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