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Small but surprising; this house of 65 square meters is built in 45 days!

Small but surprising; this house of 65 square meters is built in 45 days!
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This little red cottage, nicknamed Casa 2020, took only 45 days to be built. The project was developed by the team of the company Mapout. The company wanted to reassess the role of architecture in urban living and create a sustainable home.

This adorable little house does a lot for its environment through ecological systems, but it's also because of its (prefabricated) design.

You would never imagine how beautiful the inside of this house is, just by looking outside. It is absolutely wonderful!

I still have to wish you a good visit!

65 square meters

The villa of 65 m² and was designed by Mapout. Downstairs there are the bathroom and the bedroom, the dining room, the living room and the kitchen. The second floor is a studio and a living room with very nice views.

Living room

As you can see, there is a very special relationship between the floor and downstairs. The use of white for the stairs and the wall of the last floor, coupled with wood everywhere, makes the house look very contemporary, almost Zen. The little house is bright! The second photo shows you what the room looked like during the construction.

Living area

It seems that every room in this house offers something exciting and enjoyable. The fireplace is positioned on the ground floor in the middle of a warm and comfortable decor with two red armchairs. You can also see the adjacent small dining room. We are in a very contemporary design here.

Cinema at home

You didn't think it was possible, but what a good idea! When the blinds of the house are closed, there is a private cinema downstairs.


When you look through the large doors of this house, you will see a very well organized floor plan. In fact, the open area is the perfect choice for small houses. You don't think that this house has only 65 m² because the movements between the kitchen, the living room and the dining room are effortless; it's open!


Simple decoration but very warm thanks to the wood. The room still has a beautiful living space!

A great little house!

This little red house always amazes us. The garden of this project is divided into four areas; one of them is soil ready to be planted for a garden, the other is a resting area on a new lawn, a modern paved path along the entire house and a wooden ramp located at the entrance of the house, made to sit and relax.

Would you live in a house like this?

Source: Homify · Photo Credit: Homify

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