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Take a look at these 13 inexpensive ways to upgrade your home at a very low price.

Take a look at these 13 inexpensive ways to upgrade your home at a very low price.
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It is very easy to decorate the front of the house and the garden, without spending too much.

All you need is a little imagination, good tools and the motivation to achieve beautiful things, in a short time and for almost nothing, to radically change the look of a house.

Would you like your house to stand out in your neighborhood with some nice little decorative additions?

Here are 13 inexpensive ways to upgrade your home :

1) A basket of flowers hanging from a beam to indicate the address of your house.

A simple and beautiful idea that decorates the house and it's useful too.

Source : Hello Farmhouse

2) By gluing flowerpots together, we can create beautiful decorations ! Use silicone glue or concrete to glue the pots together. Spray paint onto plastic, wood or concrete pots.

Source : Home Designed Inspired

3) Hide the garbage bin, recycling bin and compost bin behind decorative panels.

Source : Target

4) The wooden or metal columns can have a boring look in front of the houses. Decorate them to give more style to your home.

Source : Houzz

5) Build small pergolas above the garage doors. Grow some climbing plants on the Pergolas. This simple detail adds a lot of charm to a home. Bring the Italian countryside to your home with these pergolas!

Source : Laurries

6) Get a nice stencil to paint the numbers on a nice flowerpot.

Source : Martha Stewart

7) Build a beautiful brick path to your home! Red bricks are inexpensive !

Source : This Old House

8) A nice river made of stones! Where do your water run-off spouts go when it rains? Into the street or onto your lawn? Just dig out a trench from your spout leading to a drainage area, and line it with river rock.

Source : Gardening For Today

9) Decorate around your trees. A small detail that makes a huge difference in decoration! This decorative idea makes it easier for you to mow the lawn, because you do not damage the tree roots with the mower!

Source : Loves Photo Album

10) Use a car wheel to store the garden hose!

Source : Pinterest

11) A swing under the porch is always very nice in front of a house.

Source : Simply Designing

12) Paint faux windows on the garage door.

Source : One Good Thing by Jillee

13) And finally ... Add glass marbles in your wooden fence for a fairy decor!

Source : Source: Garden Drama

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