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Taxidermists are using deer butts to create Sasquatch heads.

Taxidermists are using deer butts to create Sasquatch heads.
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Taxidermy is the art of preparing, stuffing, and mounting the skins of animals (especially vertebrates). While that particular style might not be for everyone, there are still some people appreciating it. Whether you think this practice is ethical or not, you must see the following!

Some taxidermists that using deer butts and are turning them into Sasquatch heads that are both hilarious and very spooky! 

They are also called “ASSquatch” heads and it is a very clever name! 

We must admit that they might be the weirdest decorative piece we have ever seen in our lives! Can we even label them as "decor"?

It is a very interesting conversation piece to have in the living room, but is definitely not everyone's cup of tea! 

At least it is using some parts that are often forgotten to good use.

It seems like these creations are also called "Utah Werewolf".

Is it art or an atrocity? We'll let you decide!

What do you think? Would you put one in your living room? 

Source: Totally The Bomb · Photo Credit: Facebook

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