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The 8 most beautiful garden flowers that require the least maintenance

The 8 most beautiful garden flowers that require the least maintenance
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Not everyone has a green thumb and when you do not have a green thumb, it can be difficult to grow flowers in your garden. That's why it's best to plant easy-care flowers that will grow on their own and are self-cleaning to boot!

What is a self-cleaning plant?

It's a plant that does not require any maintenance for it to bloom. The flower buds will fall on their own, to let new flowers grow.

Here are the 8 most beautiful garden flowers that require the least maintenance:

1) Calibrachoa:

The Calibrachoa is a self-cleaning plant repels deer, so, it's a perfect plant to grow if you live near the woods.. It comes in many beautiful colors and grows well in full sun or partial shade.

Source:The Fortier Greenhouses

2) The New Guinea impatiens:

This plant comes in a very wide variety of flowers and loves the sun. It's also a self-cleaning flower, so, no visible dead petals.

Source: daryl_mitchell

3) Angelonia:

Also a self-cleaning plant. Its foliage dries and disappears shortly after. This flower comes in a wide variety of beautiful colors.

Source:The Fortier Greenhouses

4) The petunias:

The"Wave Petunia"are beautiful flowers that bloom constantly. They are available in a very wide variety of colors. It may be necessary to help it along by removing some of the dead flowers, but the spectacular colors are worth it!

Source: The Fortier Greenhouses

5) Sweet potato vine:

Sweet potato vine is a great addition to put in a flower arrangement. It falls well and adds beautiful color, bright green as accent color.

Source: daryl_mitchell

6) The lantana:

Lantanas are self-cleaning plants, which means that you will never find dead petals on your flowers. These plants love the sun. And they are available in many colors. They are resistant to deer. A good thing to know if you live near a heavily wooded area. These plants grow best in very hot weather. They grow as perennials in frost-free climates or as annuals in colder regions.

Source:The Fortier Greenhouses 

Source: The Fortier Greenhouses

7) Geranium:

Geraniums are classics. The only disadvantage is that you can see dead petals through the flowers from time to time. Otherwise, these flowers are very very easy to maintain.

Source: courtney_80

8) And finally, the coleus:

The coleus is a plant with beautiful leaves perfect for decorating flower beds. This plant prefers shaded areas.

Source: Tim Green aka atoach 

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