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These 28 tiny houses are absolutely fabulous!

These 28 tiny houses are absolutely fabulous!
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The tiny houses are being developed for our greatest happiness!

The website Tip Hero has listed 28 of them that are absolutely beautiful. Here they are:

Houses built after Hurricane Katrina

Marianne Cusato

The charm of the southern states

Marianne Cusato

To survive in the desert

Tiny Texas Houses

The neo-Victorian style

Tiny Texas Houses

The reinvented farm

Butler Armsden

A nice cottage in Florida

Fifi O'Nell

A house in the middle of tropical trees


The new cabin in the woods


Make your dream come true and sleep in trees

Wanda Wega

Sleep in a trailer


Live in a house with wheels

Tiny Hairloom

Californian style

Richardson Architects

The hotel is at home


Escape to nature


Dream vacation

Unique Homestays

For mobility

Tiny House Nation

To live in the old-fashioned way

Hobbitat Space

Floating House: living above water

Country Living

Luxury in nature


The charm of wood

Wind River Bungalow

Like a doll's house

Creative Cottage

Technology even in a tiny house

BroadHurst Architects

For an evening under the stars

Relax Shacks

Simplicity and style


Reinvent your garage

Relax Shacks

Camping 2.0

Living Bing in Tiny House

The beauty of the country-style

Kirsten Dicksen

The house on the lake

Country Living

Source: · Photo Credit: TipHero

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