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These women made amazing floors using only coins!

These women made amazing floors using only coins!
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You've probably seen mosaic floors made of tiny pieces (the size of a penny) in front of commercial establishments? Did you know that they are called "penny tile floors", or sub floors? The name makes sense if you think about it, since the designs are made from small, penny-sized tiles that come together to create a beautiful and classic mosaic.

One woman took the term quite literally and covered her floor with real coins.

Kat Von D shared her creation on Facebook: A Ground Covered in Under! 28 928 cents, to be precise!

Facebook - Kat Von D

A woman named Kelly Graham also did an impressive makeover a few years ago, with a penny floor, and also a fireplace cover! She used 7,500 coins for her project.

Facebook - Camias Jewelry Designs
Facebook- Camias Jewelry Designs

The use of old and newer pieces brings a range of very interesting hues to these creations.

Facebook- Camias Jewelry Designs

The pieces are firmly fixed to the floor with grout. A solid covering, on which one does not slip.

These women must be particularly Zen, don't you think? You need to have a looooot of patience to accumulate the coins, sort them by color and create a pattern without making a single mistake!

What do you think of their ideas? Would you like to have a floor or a fireplace like this? 

Source: Diply · Photo Credit: Diply

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