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This 107 square feet container is stunning with its nice and unexpected interior!

This 107 square feet container is stunning with its nice and unexpected interior!
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Kelly is a woman who loves challenges! Since she was very young, she loves to transform small spaces into dream places!

She now works for the company IG Container Homes. She plans and decorates the interior of these containers. Here is her latest creation; a container of just 107 feet.

You'll be very very surprised! From the outside, the container is blue and very ordinary but once inside it is completely different!

Get ready for a nice surprise!

The main room

The first thing you notice is how bright this space is! Once crossed the threshold, you are in the living room, kitchen and bedroom.


Let's start by looking at the kitchen and its cabinets. Thanks to the high ceiling, Kelly used high cabinets in the kitchen to provide plenty of storage space.

Although the shipping container is narrow, it compensates with the height. Thanks to the high ceilings we got the feeling that this container is big. Even if the space is small, it has all the amenities you could need, or almost!

Living room

Most small houses opt for a bedroom in a loft. However, Kelly, designed a unique loft upstairs, accessible via a small staircase.

The sofa also acts as an extra room for guests. There is a storage space under the sofa.


Thebedroom, which is under the living room, has a ceiling of only 3 feet high; just high enough to be able to sit in bed without banging the head.

The tiny bedroom looks simple, but is still very comfortable. Kelly has also created a clothes closet in the tiny room. When you live in a tiny space, it's important to be creative with every inch of the house.


Kelly didn't skimp on the bathroom space. A transparent roof allows natural light to penetrate and warm the room. The bathroom has a large shower and a composting toilet.

The transparent ceiling helps create the illusion of even more space in such a small house.

Would you live in such a small container?

Did you know that Kelly lived in this tiny house? This one is 20 feet long. IQ Container Homes makes sure to use containers that have made a trip across the Pacific from China. The container is thus of better quality.

I think it's the smallest container I've ever seen, but I find it so cute and well divided! And you? What do you think? The inside is amazing, right? I can't wait to read your comments!

Source: Home hacks · Photo Credit: Home Hacks

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