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This house is amazing and it even has a beach inside, yes, a beach in the house!

This house is amazing and it even has a beach inside, yes, a beach in the house!
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Waterside properties are often the most sought after, they offer an idyllic setting. But this historic property which is located on the banks of the Thames must be one of the most impressive houses.

I personally have never seen anything like this!

The incredible Swiss chalet, has been restored to its original splendor after being imported from Switzerland in 1882. Located in East Molesey, Surrey in England, just few minutes away from the Hampton Court Palace, the five-floor listed building has just been placed on the real estate market for a price of $17 million. It's definitely worth a visit, you will not see two houses like this!

Good visit!

A real garden

Guests go into an exotic garden with a grated metal floor that contains clear water with Koi Carp. That's beautiful!

An exotic place!

Inside, the underground entertainment room is the big selling point of this really original property. The 68-foot indoor beach with 40 tons of sand, a sea-themed wall mural, seats, mood lighting and palm trees make this house stand out from the others!

Dining room

People are probably amazed by this house with its unique atmosphere and dining room that can accommodate 16 people at the table! This house is not ordinary!

Have you noticed the tropical decoration?


In addition to having your feet in the sand, this house offers you great comfort with luxurious rooms! I do not know if this is the master bedroom but this bedroom is stunning.

Other bedrooms

We can say that the owner of this house loves really original things! There is a very nice bedroom with a beautiful wooden floor, a cathedral ceiling and in one of the other bedrooms, there is an illuminated bed ! Every room of the house is unique!

Wine cellar of 1,600 bottles

This house offers to live in opulence. The house even has a wine cellar of 1,600 bottles. Why? I do not know! We imagine that the owner likes to party and needs a lot of bottles of wine? You can see on this picture the kitchen and its unique look!

Have you ever seen a house like this?

One thing is certain, this house stands out from the others by its unique interior! I would love to have a beach inside the house but to be honnest, isn't it better to have a real beach, with a real sun?

Feel free to leave me your thoughts about this house!

Source: House beautiful · Photo Credit: House Beautiful

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