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This house is for sale for more than a million dollar, but its worth every penny!

This house is for sale for more than a million dollar, but its worth every penny!
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Sometimes we find a house for sale that leaves us speechless, but not necessarily for the right reasons.

This is the case for this Calgary home which is for sale for $1.75 million.

Have you always dreamed of living in a castle? Wait before you answer, you have not visited this one!

Enjoy the visit!

A house with 4 bedrooms

Located in a Calgary's upscale neighborhood, this castle has 4 bedrooms, 3.5 baths and a unique atmosphere that leaves no one indifferent.

A unique construction

The house has walls that remind us of castles in Europe, a watch tower, 6 spiral staircases. Are you curious to see inside?


The house was built in 1946 but has apparently been renovated in the 70's. The entryway gives you an idea of the style inside the house.

The living room

The fireplace catches my attention for the right reasons but the furniture leaves me speechless; Hello 70's!

Dining room

There certainly had to be discounts for the lights and carpets, because we find the same style in the living room and in the kitchen. Don't forget that this house is for sale for over 1 million!

The kitchen

The kitchen would definitely need a complete makeover! The neon lights on the ceiling remind us of the 70s!

The library

This room is very impressive with its woodwork and spiral staircase. The red carpet brings a royal appearance. The room has 2 floors!


The bathroom does not impress me at all, especially for a house of this price. The room is clean, nothing more.

The watchtower

A spiral staircase leads to the watchtower. From this place the residents have a view of the whole neighborhood!

Other bathroom

Is it psychedelic enough for you? I have the feeling that I will have a headache coming out of the shower.


The master bedroom has a beautiful brown carpet that reminds us the 70s. The room has good dimensions but for the decor, let's forget it! The other rooms in the house also have the same kind of decor.

Family room

Ahh, the beautiful floor! The patterned rug and the wooden bar! It's like going back to the past! This house has never been renovated since the 70's! Even the TV in the other living room is old!

Laundry room

Neon lights again!

Wood, dark carpets, wood and wood again!

Would you buy a house like this?

If you had the financial means, would you buy a house like this, at this price? Are you going to transform it or are you going to demolish everything and build a new house?

Feel free to leave me your thoughts, I am really curious to know what you think!

Source: Hgtv · Photo Credit: Hgtv

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