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This house made from shipping containers is really fantastic!

This house made from shipping containers is really fantastic!
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This beautiful shipping container house is located in Wellington, New Zealand.

Kimberly Andrews and James Innes have been living there since 2015. The lucky ones! This is many people's dream!

Their cozy little house was designed in a 40-feet container modified according to their needs.

Under this large container, there are two small containers of 20 feet each. They are used for the couple's business, a T-shirt company named Tumbleweed Tees.

Take a look!

First, the living room is the perfect place to relax or read a book.

And look at the detail of the ceiling! Beautiful!

The bed can be stored under the living room for more space and there are two long storage spaces on each side of the mattress.

Everything has been made of plywood.

The kitchen has everything you need: shelves for storage, a countertop, sink, dishwasher, oven, refrigerator, etc.


The bathroom is tiny, but includes everything you need while providing a magnificent view.

Outside, this is also beautiful. And the view is amazing!

Of course, all these pictures are very nice, but take the time to watch the video too.

And you, would you like to live in a house like this?

Source: Smaller Living · Photo Credit: Capture d'écran

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