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Tired of always decorating your walls with picture frames? Here are some original ideas to inspire you!

Tired of always decorating your walls with picture frames? Here are some original ideas to inspire you!
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Are you looking for other ideas to decorate your walls ?

Are you tired of always decorating your walls with picture frames or photos ? Are you looking for an original way to decorate your walls ?

Do you want to add something original to your decor ?

Here are some ideas that will probably inspire you !

Good decoration !

With plates !

And why not decorate your walls with beautiful decorative plates ? It can make an interesting decoration for the kitchen and the dining room !

With fairy ligts

I would see this kind of decoration in a bedroom to add a romantic effect. I admit that this picture is not a very good example but, you understand what I'm talking about when I say decorate with fairy lights.

With a rug !

Did you buy a big rug during your last trip in Asia ? In Mexico ? In short, from any destination ? Why not hang it on the wall to decorate your room ? I admit that it is not super nice but you understand the principle.

With hats !

This wall brings something nice to the decoration ! If you have a hat collection it may be interesting to hang them on the wall !

With plants !

You probably know the vegetal walls ! We can do so many beautiful arrangements with plants !

With mirrors

Why not add depth to your room with mirrors ? Different shapes, different sizes; it can make a very pretty decoration !

Paint, patterns

Take out your paintbrushes and take the opportunity to let your imagination run wild! Paint geometric patterns, or anything that will make you happy !


Have you thought about installing wallpaper ? It can bring a nice effect to your room !


Eh yes ! Why not install shelf ? Take the opportunity to install different decorative objects in this one !

Macrame !

Eh yes ! Macrame is very trendy now ! It's a bit different, but it's beautiful on a wall !

I hope these ideas inspire you to decorate your walls !

Source: Des idees · Photo Credit: Des idees

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