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Tired of your old backsplash?

Tired of your old backsplash?
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Have you had enough of your old backsplash?

An ugly backsplash can really affect the entire look of your kitchen, and believe me, kitchens with an ugly backsplash are more common than you think!

The good news is that even if you rent your apartment or have a tight budget, there are many ways to change a terrible backsplash without having to do a complete remodel!

Here are six creative and affordable (and even surprising) ways to cover a backsplash you've come to hate!


First tip

I have been seeing these vinyl tile stickers everywhere, and have wondered if they really work. They are thick wall sconces that are the same size as standard tiles. You just have to stick them on top of your old tiles. It gives a great result!

Second tip

At first glance, the tiles in this kitchen look like traditional hexagonal tiles, but it's actually an adhesive tile from the company, Smart Tiles. The blogger Emilie has put her tiles on a blank wall, but they can also be applied to other tiles (provided that the underlying tiles are not too dented). They are also easily removable, making it a great option for renters.

Third tip

Originally, the idea of painting tiles seemed a little risky, but this photo proves that the result can be lovely.

If the only thing that bothers you about your backsplash is its color, you can paint it and get a completely different look.

Fourth tip

If you like the "country-kitchen" look, a great way to transform an ugly backsplash is to cover it with decorative MDF (medium-density fiber) panels. What a superb result! I just love it!

Fifth tip

Have fun with your MDF panels! Why not paint them in an original way like in this picture? Let your imagination run wild!

Sixth tip

A pressed tin backsplash, like this one, gives an especially brilliant look to any kitchen. It looks like pewter but it's actually made of plastic tiles made to look like pewter! You can find this product in department stores, pretty awesome wouldn't you say?

So? Have you been inspired to change the look of your backsplash now that you know it doesn't necessarily require major renovations?

Source: Apartment Therapy · Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

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