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Upcycle your old shutters with these ideas to give them a second life

Upcycle your old shutters with these ideas to give them a second life
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Recycle your shutters

Do you like having unique furniture? Original decorative elements? Why not recycle old shutters and give them a second life and add a unique touch to your decor?

If you do not have old shutters in your basement, you will find them in garage sales, antique stores and other places like this.

The ideas in this article are just great! It just remains for me to wish you a good DIY!

A bench

Shutters can be used to make a long narrow bench. Use the shutter as your bench seat and add 4 legs. So easy to make!

A headboard

Paint the old shutters and fix them behind the bed. You can paint them or leave them like this for a rustic look.

For the bathroom

Use an old shutter to hang your toilet paper rolls. You can even hang baskets and towels. This works great for small bathrooms. I like this idea, it's different.

A side table

You can also turn a shutter into a small side table. The shutters are perfect to make side tables. You can create all different types of table with shutters. I love the rustic look!


Create customized shelving wherever you need it in your home. Just cut your shutters to the desired size. These work great when you want something more original than a standard shelf. It's much more original than a shelf bought in store, right?

For plants

These shutters have been transformed into a beautiful planter.

Command center

The shutters can be used as a command center. Hang a few shutters on the wall. Then install a notebook, a calendar, mail, artwork, coupons and whatever you want. I love this idea!

A lamp!

The shutters work great as a lampshade. You can adjust them to let in more or less light. That's a great idea!

To hang the cups

Keep cups tidy and in place with an original mug rack. Just add a few hooks to your shutter and mount it on the wall. You can hang your cups from the hooks.

Outdoor decoration

Hang a shutter outdoors to create a nice decor. You can hang potted plants from it. You can also hang garden tools from it.

A cabinet

Do you need extra storage? Use your old shutters to create a cabinet. Just add some shelves inside.

For the entryway

Hang a shutter on your wall. Then add some hooks to it. Use it to hang your keys, coat, and purse. Simple but very practical!

For the kitchen

Use a shutter for organization in the kitchen. Just stand one up against the wall and hang items from it. You can even hang baskets on it for extra storage. Make sure everything is securely fixed to the wall.

A kitchen island

These shutters were transformed into a superb kitchen island. Add casters and hooks for convenience. This one was made from shutters someone bought for $1. It's crazy all you can do with shutters. I hope that these pictures inspire you!

Source: Home hacks · Photo Credit: Home hacks

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