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Would you dare to live in only 200 square feet? This tiny house may make you change your mind!

Would you dare to live in only 200 square feet? This tiny house may make you change your mind!
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Who needs 2,000 square feet when all you need is 200? It depends on people, of course!

Yet this tiny Craftsman-style house, has an interior that is more than surprising and well thought out.

This little blue house has one of the cutest looks we've ever seen. The exterior exudes a warm atmosphere while the interior surprises us pleasantly! Discover that 200 square feet house, it is very warm and nice... Have a look inside!

Enjoy your visit!

The living room

The interior of the house is very welcoming and comfortable. Several mini-houses do not offer a desired comfort, but this one does! The couch looks very good!

The small table for two folds down to allow more space when the residents do not use it. It's well thought out!

The kitchen

This tiny house has a fully functional kitchen and has everything you need to prepare good meals. The stainless steel of the sink, the refrigerator and the microwave contrast well with the light wood of the cabinets, countertop and wall panels.

The design of this house allows people to circulate easily, even if the house is oddly small!

The bathroom

The bathroom is not the biggest we've seen, but for a small house, it does the job. It is sometimes better to sacrifice some space in the bathroom to have more space to relax in the living room.

The loft is very spacious and has natural light from all the windows! It's very nice isn't it?

How do you find it?

The wood adds a touch of warmth to this mini-house. Yes, 200 feet is small, but the layout of it is great, don't you think? I admit that living in a small house is not for everyone but maybe it could make you change your mind?

Feel free to comment and share what you think!

Source: Tiny home tour · Photo Credit: Tiny home tour

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