Decoration : You can now buy these 10 homes on Amazon!
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You can now buy these 10 homes on Amazon!

Find your cottage online!

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Make your dream come true by having a tiny house thanks to Amazon! Yes! It is now possible to buy a small house online and have it delivered to you!

I don't know exactly how the delivery works, but it sure will cost you more than $20!

Nevertheless, these models of home are really interesting for the person looking for this kind of compact home.

Are you curious to see the models? Who knows, you might be tempted?

Good shopping!

Model 1

This house model offers 320 square feet in a container style. We find a bedroom, bathroom with shower, sink, small kitchen, living room, air conditioning, heating, but the best is probably these pretty French doors that let in the brightness in the small house!

The price? $36,000 with $3,755 delivery.

Model 2

Do you like the wooden cottage style? What do you think of this one, a house with 2 floors? This residence has 712 square feet on the ground floor and 396 square feet upstairs! You must install insulation.

The price? $46,900.

Model 3

Would you prefer a very mini house? So what do you think of this 399 square feet tiny house? This one offers you a room and all the necessary to spend good time in your small house.

The price? $64,900 with $4,800 delivery.

Model 4

Pretty isn't it? It would be such a great cottage! This mini-house has 483 square feet.

The price? $34,900. The price of the delivery is not mentioned.

Model 5

This model is called the Bella Cabin Kit. We find a charming living room, a tiny kitchen, bathroom and a porch to enjoy the beautiful sunny days, but in the shade. The price of this little house is $17,800.

Model 6

The KEMAH, offers you 399 square feet. This model is a little more expensive than the previous one, it is for sale at $51,500 in addition to paying $4,800 for delivery. 

Model 7

I like this model! This tiny house is still larger than some of the other models. It offers 725 square feet for $59,321.

Model 8

This cottage model is perfect on a small land somewhere in nature. The house is not huge but still offers 244 square feet with a small mezzanine for the bedroom. You will have to add insulation if you build it here in Quebec.

Model 9

This model has 451 square feet, and the house is covered with spruce panels. The price? $19,990. The price of the delivery is not mentioned.

Model 10

You will have to add the plumbing and a bathroom in this house. The model requires a little more work to make sure to be able to live inside but, this model is very cute and its selling price very low; $11,299.

What do you think about buying a tiny home on Amazon?

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