Decoration : You don't know what to do with the space under your stairs? Here are 9 great ideas to fix this problem!
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You don't know what to do with the space under your stairs? Here are 9 great ideas to fix this problem!

Organize the space under your stairs!

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Do you have a staircase at home, and would you like to use this space wisely?

We still need more space in our homes, right? So why not use this usually empty space?

The following 9 ideas will inspire you to transform your stairs!


Project 1

The first steps of the stairs that lead to the basement can serve as storage for tuques, gloves, scarves and other things of this kind! Hanging clothes, with this hook-board, is also a good idea to hide clothes away from the main entrance!

Project 2

This is the perfect place to store coolers, chairs, and other items of this kind. When it's well organized, it takes so much less space! This storage is quite simple to achieve.

Project 3

You could use this space under your stairs to make a pantry, to store jars of jam, mayonnaise, mustard and flour.

Project 4

This staircase is perfect for an extra wardrobe! Once the doors are closed, it doesn't change the decor of the room and you have extra storage, it's always appreciated!

Project 5

If your living room doesn't have many walls to install the TV and you don't want it to disturb the circulation in your room, why not install it on the stairs? This TV is recessed and therefore doesn't bother the space of the room.

Project 6

I love this idea! Why not install a library that actually hides a place where you can hide a safe?

Project 7

Pretty isn't it? This desk is perfect, and children can use it. You can keep an eye on what they are watching! You can also use it for yourself, why not? I love the layout!

Project 8

This little nook is quite charming!

Project 9

I love this idea! A bar area is always convenient for a family room. This one is really well done! Are you inspired to organize the space under your stairs? I must admit that I like the desk and this bar! Feel free to share your thoughts!

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Source: Yellow Design
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