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10 fake gift boxes to tease your loved ones this Christmas

10 fake gift boxes to tease your loved ones this Christmas
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You may be shopping for the holidays, looking for gifts that will surprise your loved ones. And when you have found them, maybe you would like for the suspense to last a little longer!

Why not pack your beautiful gift in a box that is wildly realistic, but displaying an object that does not even exist? This will make the family laugh!

You can buy this kind of box at Prank-O.

The company's mission is to bring a little disappointment and a lot of laughter to the gift exchange with fun gift boxes. Because there is no better gift than laughter!

The joke begins when you see the person get uncomfortable. The box has the same appearance as what you see in those weird television commercials!

Here are some examples of fake gift boxes that you can use:

1. Anti-pee shield

Parents of little boys would be delighted to receive a real shield like this one!


2. The travel ice cream machine

Turn and churn!


3. A poop hider

Why bother picking them up?


4. Weights for children's ankles

Do not lose your child in the shops anymore and stop them from running down the street with weights to slow them down!


5. The alcoholic's jacket

Or at least for alcohol lovers! For camping, boat trips...


6. The baby delivery selfie stick

A future mother would be surprised to receive this!


7. The dog or cat swing

Instead of taking the dog out when it's -20, give him a swing inside!


8. The false beard hiding your alcohol

Another way to drink alcohol anywhere, in all discretion!


9. A speaker / cleaner for the toilet!

The bathroom will be the new place to party!


10. An original board game

Find the hay in the needlestack! 4 years and over!


Which box do you like best? Who would you give it to?

The boxes cost between $ 7 and $ 12. They are also a beautiful memory, which will not end up in the recycling. In any case, not that evening.

Source: Ipnoze · Photo Credit: Screenshot - Facebook - Ipnoze

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