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10 Funny Fake-Gifts Ideas To Prank Your Relatives This Christmas!

10 Funny Fake-Gifts Ideas To Prank Your Relatives This Christmas!
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You are probably finishing up (or only getting started!) on your Christmas gifts for your family and friends. Do you have that one person who always guess the gift before even unwrapping it? If so, the company Prank-O might have the perfect solution for you! They specialized in empty boxes that display hilarious products that don't really exist. The point? Create lot of laughs during the gift-giving experience, because as the company says - there is no better gifts than laughter! You can be sure that your family will be very confused by theses gifts. (but don't forget to include the real gift inside!)

1. Baby-Shield

Perfect for new baby boy parents!

2. Hide-A-Poo

You don't have to pick up your dog poo-poo anymore, simply cover it!

3. iArm - Forearm Mount

Perfect for the Apple products lovers!

4. SIZZL Bacon Scented Dryer Sheets

Add your favourite bacon scent to your fresh laundry!

5. Cheese Printer

Print your favourite pictures on sliced cheese!

6. Birthie Stick

For moms-to-be who wants to use their cellphones during labour and delivery!

7. Crib Dribbler 

You don't have to wake up for baby's night feeds anymore!

8. Fart Filter

Make your flatulences smells good!

9. Pet Sweep

Your pets can now do their share of chores!

10. Bathe & Brew

Save time by showering and brewing coffee at the same time!

The boxes measurements are 11.25”x 9”x 3.25” and sells for $7 to $12 USD on their website. If you still don't quite get the idea, watch this 7-years-old explain it!

Will you be trying this practical joke this Christmas? 

Source: Prank O · Photo Credit: Pranko O

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