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12 adorable baby items to add to your newborn baby gift list

12 adorable baby items to add to your newborn baby gift list
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Are you expecting a happy occasion? Congratulations!!! Do you have a crazy urge to shop for him or her? This is completely normal! But before go out and buy everything, think of all the family and friends you have who will want to get you gifts; why not create a newborn baby gift list instead?

In addition, during our "trendy" era, you can create one online, thus people from all over will be able to consult this gift list and can have the gifts delivered to your home, if they can not visit you right away.

You're not expecting a baby? This article will still be of interest to you! For who knows when a best friend might become pregnant? Or what about when you become a grandparent?! In short, there is a good chance that some day you will be invited to a baby shower. So take notes!

Here are 12 baby gift ideas, available on Amazon.

1. A set of 3 adorable reversible bibs with teething toy

A must when baby is teething! In addition, the patterns are super adorable!

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2. A complete care package

It will be used to cut tiny little nails, relieve toothaches and treat nasty colds, among others.

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3. A 5-layer diaper bag organizer

A diaper bag must be well organized and practical. With these bags, your diaper bag will be more organized than your purse.

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4. A good baby carrier

This baby carrier is ergonomic and machine washable. But the most important: it has adorable little ears!

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5. A monitor set

This wifi camera allows you to watch over baby in bed, but it also plays lullabies, serves as a night light and more. And, it's a cute little bunny!

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6. A container for rinsing hair

Avoid tears when rinsing the shampoo with this adorable whale designed specifically for this delicate task. You can also store bath toys inside.

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7. A bath mat

It looks so comfortable we would like to have an adult size! Machine washable; it is important.

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8. A fun little toothbrush

Because yes, you need to start dental hygiene early. And with a banana-shaped brush, it's a lot more fun!

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9. A toy radio

A classic. Solid, colorful and fun.

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10. Spill-proof cups

These will also bring back childhood memories for the parents with these patterns.Teenage MutantNinja Turtles!

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11. A portable changing pad

Because diapers need to be changed everywhere!

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12. A hooded bath towel

And who can resist this cozy elephant!

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Source: Buzzeed · Photo Credit: Pixabay

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