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Gift Ideas

15 funny but cute Valentine's Day gifts ideas!

15 funny but cute Valentine's Day gifts ideas!
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1. Corgi Butt Pillow

The perfect gift for dogs lover! This pillow is so soft and fluffy and will make all your guests laugh!

Photo : Amazon

2. Heart Shaped Mug

This mug will put a smile on your partner's face every time they are drinking coffee or tea!

Photo : Amazon

3. Custom Stickers

Create custom stickers of your face or your pet face. You can stick them on your partner's phonecase, notebook or water bottle so they bring you with them anywhere they go!

Photo : Amazon

4. Shower Beer or Wine Holder

Let your partner enjoy a nice bath with their favourite beer or wine after a long day of work.

Photo : Amazon

5. Name a cockroach after your partner

You can name a Bronx Zoo Madagascar hissing cockroach after your partner to declare your love for them!

Photo : Bronx Zoo

6. Custom heart boxer

Put your face on your partner's underwear!

Photo : MyFaceBoxer

7. Fill in the Love Book

This little journal contains fill-in-the-blank lines that describe some aspect of your love for your partner. Simply complete each line for your loved one to read.

Photo : Amazon

8. Candy Panties

The title says it all!

Photo : Amazon

9. Ring Lip Tint

Give your partner a big rock for Valentine's Day!

Photo : Avon

10. Kiss Ring Bell

Ring the bell every time you want a kiss!

Photo : Amazon

11. Love Lotto

Scratch the lotto ticket to see what you are winning.

Photo : Barnes & Noble

12. Lip Baby Pacifier

Don't forget the Valentine's Day gift for baby!

Photo : Nini & Loli

13. Couple Pillow Case

You won't have to fight over bed space again!

Photo : Amazon

14. Love Sandwich Bag

Get this lipstick kisses sandwich bags for your loved ones, because the best ingredient in homemade meals is love!

Photo : Amazon

15. Custom Couple Illustration

Get a custom couple (or family) portrait that you can keep forever!

Photo : Etsy

What do you think of these funny gifts? What are you getting for your partner this Valentine's Day?

Source: buzzfeed · Photo Credit: buzzfeed

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