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25 gifts to give to children instead of giving them toys

25 gifts to give to children instead of giving them toys
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Becky Mansfield, founder of the blog "Your Modern Family", is also a play therapist. So she knows toys very well! Her house is full of toys, even if she declutters her house every year and donates toys to charities.

This mom wants her children to want something else than games. For example: to help others, create memories, enjoy the moment ...

So she had the idea to offer memories instead of giving toys.

If the experience tempts you too, here are some of her non-toy gift ideas.

1. A photo album of memories from the year (use an album where it has room for you to write and share why you loved that moment).

2. A blanket with a photo on it. How fun to cuddle up with this reminder every night! You can have it printed in some pharmacies, or sew one by attaching transparent pockets in which you can slide several photos.


3. A subscription boxes to crafts or scientific experiments. Make this with the family!

4. A gift card in a his/her favorite fast food restaurant or at the ice truck and a new pajamas. To organize small parties with your family ...

5. A photo mug. Each of your children will love having their special cup, to enjoy their favorite drink. It can also be a bowl or plate, or a doily.

6. A personalized book. More and more shops offer to make a book whose hero has the name of the child who will receive it. We can often name friends and relatives and talk about our hobbies. A beautiful gift!


7. Membership to a local museum. We often forget museums. A membership card allows you to go often to discover new exhibitions.

8. Tickets for an event. Whether it's a music show, a play or a festival, time with you will be a precious gift!

9. A membership to Netflix. To plan movie nights in the comfort of your own home. Take out the popcorn!

10. A break in nature. Go hiking, picnicking, wherever you are alone with your child.


11. Classes at a local gym, art studio, dance studio, a football camp ... They will have a lot of things to tell you at the end of the day! And that can help your child find his/her hobby !

12. A pass to an amusement park. If you have a park close to your house, chances are the kids will use it again and again.

13. A gift certificate for books. We never have too many books. And children read them often. And what's better than a book with you before bedtime?


14. Clothes. Let them choose their clothes during a parent-child shopping day. They will remember that moment every time they wear them.

15. Kitchen tools. Many children enjoy cooking with their parents or for their parents. More and more safe kitchen tools for them are available on the market.


16. Recipe cards. To keep a family cookie recipe or a homemade play dough recipe.

17. A coupon for an evening at Grandma, Aunty or at a friend's house. With a nice sleeping bag as a bonus, maybe?

18. Coupon books for things like "One coupon good to skip chores today" or "A massage".


19. A snack outside. Why not go out to take the "tea", to chat and spend a good time?

20. Craft supplies. Fill a large box of various supplies to let them create.


21. A fun snack. Decorate a pot that you will fill with candies, cook his/her favorite cookies. They will remember it for a long time and will want it every year!

22. A new board game. That will please the whole family.

23. Decorate her/his room. The time spent decorating his/her room with him/her and the personalized items you will find will make him/her feel important and he/she will remember every night while lying in his/her beautiful room.

24. Their day. Let the kids decide on family activities for a day! Ideas can be very fun!


25. A picture of your child and you. Each child will have a picture with dad or mom. Because each of you have a unique relationship!

What do you think? If, instead of buying only toys, we invest our money in souvenirs?

Source: Your Modern Family · Photo Credit: Unsplash

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