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7 DIY Mother's Day gift ideas she will love!

7 DIY Mother's Day gift ideas she will love!
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Would you like to offer a gift for your mom, but you prefer to create it?

You can make so many beautiful things when you take the time to think about a good idea.

Because it is possible to offer a gift made with love, that our mother will love. You just need to know what she likes and make a gift that will make her happy! She will prefer to receive a gift crafted only for her, handmade, rather than a gift certificate bought at the last minute because you ran out of time, even if it is super expensive!

Your mom loves jewelry? Make her a jewelry holder!

Your mom likes to garden? Make a gift that she will use to garden!

Your mom likes to cook? Make something for the kitchen!

You'll find something that will make her happy if you think about her .... here are some ideas to inspire you.

Here are 7 Mother's Day gift ideas:

1) Make beautiful jewelry with the method explained in the video at the end of the article! Mix potassium alum anhydrous AlK (SO4) 2, with Chrome alum KCr (SO4) 2 and water. Mix well and let this solution for 24 hours. After this time, you will get beautiful crystals to make jewelry!

2) Use beads, thread and a needle to make a nice bracelet with a black ribbon.

3) Screw different door knobs on a beautiful wooden board to make a beautiful jewelry holder for your mom!

4) Boil popsicle sticks for 15 to 20 minutes and let them dry overnight in a coffee cup. Then glue some nice fabrics with Mod Podge to make pretty colorful bracelets.

5) Reuse an old towel and a nice fabric to make a jewelry box. Cut the towel in several pieces and place these pieces into the box. Cut the fabric and place it on top of the pieces of towel and insert spaghettis between each pieces of towel to make several 'compartments'. Then place rings and earrings in the jewelry box.

6) Create beautiful earrings with seashells and small pearls. Drill a hole in the top of the seashell and place the earring hook inside the hole, then glue the pearl with super glue. You can also paint the seashell with nail polish. The nail polish is very resistant.

7) Use colored papers to make various paper decorations (watch the video)

Do you like all these ideas? You will find more in this video! 20 minutes of DIY ! These ideas are very original !

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