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Gift Ideas

Create the cutest card for Father's Day in just 5 minutes

Create the cutest card for Father's Day in just 5 minutes
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Can you imagine all the possibilities?

With all the beautiful scrapbooking papers, construction papers and tissue papers found in shops now?

For the jacket, the shirt, or for the tie!

You will be able to choose colors and patterns that really look like what your dad or lover wears, to create an outfit that looks like him!

This card will make your dad very happy!

Because it will be personalized!

Would you like to create a greeting card for your lover because he is a great dad?

And another card of course for your dad because he's the best Dad in the world?

You will need:

- A construction paper H: 18 cm, W: 8 cm + 15 cm + 8 cm

- White paper H: 14 cm, W:34 cm

- A paper of 12 cm X 12 cm

- A ruler

- A pencil

- Scissors

- Elmers, white school glue

- 3 buttons

How to do:

1) Fold the colored construction paper to 8 cm + 15 cm + 8 cm

2) Fold the white paper in 2 and place it in the jacket with the flap up

3) To make the collar, take a white paper 5 cm high and 11 cm wide and fold it in 3, like in the video. Then stick it in the top of the white paper

4) Then glue the white paper in the jacket

5) Use the ruler to make the lapels in the jacket

6) Then fold the collar of the shirt down and in the center of the jacket

7) Make a square of 12 cm x 12 cm with a paper, and fold it in 2 to make the tie, then unfold it. Then fold both sides towards the center line. Then fold the top of this shape towards the center again. Then watch the video to understand.

8) Then fold both sides towards the inside of the tie and glue the tie under the collar and under the shirt

9) Cut the shoulders, glue rectangles to make the pockets of the jacket and glue the buttons and the little red handkerchief in the pocket

10) And finally, write the most beautiful message to your Dad!

On video: 

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