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Dad should be tech-savvy too!

Dad should be tech-savvy too!
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For Father’s Day, children and spouses fall into the same old habit of offering a drill, round saw or golf bag to Dad. In 2018, in an era where a man needs all the technology there is, why not give Dad a tech gift for Father’s Day?

Sure, let’s gift Dad with a tech present, but what is there to give him? Stereo+ has put together a list of ideas of tech products that will make any father happy.

Sports Headphones

Dad keeps fit: he jogs, cycles or trains at the gym? Give him sports headphones. It is easy to find headphones starting from $30, or wireless and Bluetooth headphones starting $60, perfect for any budget.

Our gift suggestion: The wireless Bluetooth Earbuds Marley Uplift 2 BT, only $69.99 starting on June 15th.


How many times does poor Dad only get to relax around 9 pm on a weeknight while the kids are finally asleep and ends up watching the hockey game on the lowest volume to avoid waking up the whole household? Give him a wireless headset so he can enjoy a late night without disturbing everyone!

Our gift suggestion: The Sennheiser RS135 wireless headset, available for $179.99.

Bluetooth Speakers

Portable speakers are always a great gift idea and are truly appreciated. Whether it is to bring them on the boat, while fishing or camping, at the cottage or just for a night out with friends on the house terrace, the new generation of portable speakers offer a stunning audio quality. On top of that, they are often water resistant and have the potential to quickly put you a festive mood.

Our gift suggestion: Sony SRSXB31 Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, which is water resistant and has Light Effects for only $169.99.

Multi-Room Speakers

The multi-room loudspeakers have been very popular for a few years now. The main advantage of these products is that you can purchase a first speaker, and then add other pieces in different rooms as they all become linked to play the same music in several rooms from one to another.

SONOS remains the leading brand in this type of speakers and offers a complete range of products that now allows Dad to keep building a WI-FI network. This tech options supports all types of online audio sources (iTunes, MP3, Spotify, etc.).

Our gift suggestion: The SONOS Play 1, multi-room wireless speakers with Wi-Fi, available at $199.99.

Smart Speakers with Virtual Assistant

Dad would like to control all of his lights, TV, sound system by vocal control? Do you think he would enjoy knowing the daily weather only by asking the question? Give him a smart speaker with virtual assistant! Several brands offer this product. Alexa from Amazon, SONOS ONE, and Google home are the best known; however the Google Home is the one that works best for French-Canadians in Quebec.

Our gift suggestion: The Google Home Mini, Smart Speaker with Virtual Assistant for $79.99.

How to become a fantastic dad? Stereo+ gives you the answer!

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