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The last fashion in times of Coronavirus: toilet paper earrings!

The last fashion in times of Coronavirus: toilet paper earrings!
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It's amazing how we take the smallest things for granted in our everyday lives. Take toilet paper for example, you never thought we might be afraid of running out of it, right?

However, everywhere, stores are completely robbed of that precious item!

However, there is no evidence that Covid-19 can cause diarrhea. So why all the hoarding? 

No matter how crazy some people can be, humour can be life-saving in this time of global panic. So let's not forget to have a laugh once in a while! 

LiciaBeads on Etsy is selling toilet paper jewelry! 

Photo : Etsy LiciaBeads

The earrings are available in silver or gold-plated metal.

Photo : Etsy LiciaBeads

The miniature rolls are individually woven by hand from tiny glass seed beads that look like pearls.

This paper seems softer than a triple thickness of big brand! ;-)

Photo : Etsy LiciaBeads

The earrings are sold for around $40. Which is cheaper than what some people are selling real toilet paper on the black market!

And they will be a funny memory of the year 2020, when everyone filled up on toilet paper as if this product could help against the Apocalypse!

You can even get a matching rainbow toilet roll necklace.

Photo : Etsy LiciaBeads

What do you think of these jewelry pieces? If you want some, hurry up! You never know if there will also be a shortage! 

We hope you had a little laugh in this difficult time! If you want to brighten someone's day, send them the link or get them the earring as a gag-gift!

Source: Kids Activities Blog · Photo Credit: Etsy

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