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The most amazing water toy of summer 2020: a mini hovercraft!

The most amazing water toy of summer 2020: a mini hovercraft!
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What else could they possibly invent to have fun on the water during the summer months? There is so many inflatable games of all kinds, buoys and mattresses of the most original shapes.

But in the world of "inflatable", there was a lack of this kind of motorized toy, sliding on the water and allowing you to play water bumper cars.

Have you heard of the “Go Boat”?

This small "boat", which weighs less than a hand luggage, can be taken anywhere. At the beach, at the cottage, at the pool… 

It even has a seat and a steering wheel to guide it.


It takes only a few minutes to assemble and promises hours of fun!

You can even use it to go fishing, according to their website!

But when we see it, we especially want to play “bumper boat” with friends!


This patented nautical vehicle was designed by a pilot who designed the prototype with his boys. After years of testing, the machine is now marketable.

It is available in pink, yellow, orange or white. It's not very cheap though ... starting at $300, not counting the battery, motor and battery charger.


So, if you need to equip the whole family, you will need a little fortune.

But the idea is really cool, isn't it? And who knows? The price might change in the near future!

When will a water park that will offer these small vehicles be available to its visitors?

For more information visit their website

Do you like water games?

Source: Crafty · Photo Credit: GoBoat

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