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This accessory can allow people in wheelchairs to finally move better on snow surfaces!

This accessory can allow people in wheelchairs to finally move better on snow surfaces!
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When you have to move in a wheelchair, snow and ice do not make life easy… Even with a stroller for small children, it can be difficult to move around. 

This is why this new product has interested a lot of internet users!

It’s an invention of Patrick Mayer, a German freestyle snowboarding champion who became partially paralyzed in an accident. His company designs products to facilitate the mobility of people with disabilities on different surfaces. Its products are also marketed to use with strollers.

The product of interest at the moment is marketed under the name "Wheelblades". These are basically mini-skis, which lock under the wheels of a child's wheelchair, making rides on snow and ice much more enjoyable.

The Wheelblades are currently out of stock at several points of sale, but can be purchased on Amazon for $189 CAD.


This product has changed the life of Sara Pot's family in Ontario, Canada.

Sara and her husband Ralph have four daughters aged 11 to 19 and two of them, Rachel and Janneke, have Chitayat-Hall syndrome, which makes it difficult for them to walk alone, speak and feed themselves. 

The family was able to pay for this with funding from Special Home Services Ontario. With the limitations placed on most families due to COVID-19, the ministry gave families caring for sick children some leeway to purchase items that would support mental health and well-being at home. 

As Sara and her husband doubted the chairs' ability to move through the snow with just blades in the front, they bought two pairs for each girl, which provided each wheel with skis.

But other people have used skis only on the front wheels and it has worked.Depending on the surface, the texture of the snow, a single set of skis may be preferable.

 According to Sara, these skis are easy to install on the chair. And since her daughters' chairs have them, they can spend more time outdoors. Skis allow, among other things, to go for a walk without waiting for the street to be cleared of snow.

“In addition to the freedom to go to school in the snow, we are also grateful that we have the opportunity to go outside more often, especially during this COVID-19 season. The options for our daughters were already limited before the pandemic, so being able to access the outdoors as much as possible means a better quality of life and access to fresh air when needed, ”explained Sara.

Sara's daughters don't speak, but they seem to like this addition to their chairs.

Note that these skis are an accessory that cannot be used at all times, such as in car transport. But several families appreciate them. Like this father and his son in the following video:

What do you think of the idea?

Source: Holland Bloorview · Photo Credit: Holland Bloorview

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