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This Grandfather is knitting special dolls for children with Vitiligo disease.

This Grandfather is knitting special dolls for children with Vitiligo disease.
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João Stanganelli (64) is a happy and loving grandfather who started to developed Vitiligo disease at 38 years old. This disease affects 1% of the worldwide population and about 3 million of Brazilians like João. The famous Michael Jackson and model Winnie Harlow are also known to have the condition which consists of the loss of skin colour in certain body areas. The most difficult aspect of the condition is the prejudice and the judgement from other people towards those who are affected by it.  

That is why Mr. Stanganelli decided to learn crochet to make dolls with Vitiligo condition. First,q he wanted to create a doll for his granddaughter so she would always remember him and his condition and that is when Vitilinda the doll with uneven skin was born. 

He then decided to continue his work and knit more dolls so children that have Vitiligo can have dolls that resembles them. The grandfather main goal is to improve the self-esteems of these kids and to cheer them up. His next projects are to make more inclusive dolls, like ones in wheelchairs and with vision impairment.

During his interviews with the media, he always shares the same message: “The spots I have are beautiful. What hurts me are the flaws in people’s characters.”

What a beautiful message to send to kids!  The little ones should know that they are all beautiful in their own unique way. What do you think of this grandfather work? 

Source: Bright Side · Photo Credit: Bright Side

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