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Gift Ideas

Transform small stones into beautiful personalized gifts for your loved ones.

Transform small stones into beautiful personalized gifts for your loved ones.
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With our smartphones, we have a lot of beautiful pictures of our children !

So, choose the most beautiful pictures of your little ones, to make refrigerator magnets for grandma ! She will be so happy to see her grandchildren's face every day when she walks past her fridge !

And all that thanks to you ! Thanks to a gift that you will have made with love! She will be very happy you will see !

Make several magnets per child and per year. Your mother will be able to follow the evolution of her grandchildren! And while making gifts for grandma, you can make some for you too.

When your children leave the family nest, give them the fridge magnets and tell them to continue the tradition. They will also offer you fridge magnets!

You will need :

- Small tiles

- Or small pieces of wood

- Photos that you will print with your printer

- Scissors

- Mod Podge

- Paint brush

- A hot glue gun

- Magnets

How to do :

1) Print your favorite photos on ordinary white papers

2) Use Mod Podge to glue the photos on tiles or pieces of wood, with paint brush

3) Let it dry completely before moving on to the next step

4) Use a hot glue gun to glue 3 magnets on the back of a small tile or on a small piece of wood

5) Apply one or two layers of Mod Podge on the photo. Mod Podge will protect the photo and will make it shine.

6) Offer this gift every year to your mom, so that she can have one or two magnets of each child each year and see them grow up

7) And while doing it for grandma, do some magnets for you too !

8) When your children will leave the house once adult, you can give them these beautiful fridge magnets ! Then suggest them to continue the tradition with their children ! And then, you will receive the fridge magnets with the photos of your grandchildren.

Watch the video :

You can even replicate this beautiful idea with different photos you took, to keep beautiful memories of your holidays.

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