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You can now get an hourglass for people who spend too much time in the toilet!

You can now get an hourglass for people who spend too much time in the toilet!
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We all know someone who likes to go to the restroom for way too long during working hours while being paid or who locks himself in the bathroom for ages, to have peace and play on their phone.

And I bet it gets on your nerves!

Good news! Someone has found the solution so that the bathroom is not monopolized by these people, whom we affectionately nicknamed the "poop-crastinators"

Discover the toilet hourglass! If the consumers who bought this timer are not so sure that it can help speed up long poo-poos, it can still be used as a gag gift that still sends a subtle message to the receiver.

Photo : Amazon

The toilet timer description reads: “The toilet hourglass is made for the poop-crastinator who takes their sweet time. Help your loved one find the people they are trying to avoid. This gift is a funny gag for Christmas stocking for men, dads and husbands or a gift for Father's Day ”.

The hourglass runs for about five minutes.

The toilet hourglass is very easy to use and will run for about five minutes. This timer is more than just a subtle clue for your family's toilet squatter. After all, spending too much time sitting on the toilet seat is bad for your health, according to several studies. Among other things, it can cause hemorrhoids, which can be quite painful.

Photo : Amazon

The timer is listed for $14.99 and a Donald Trump edition is even available!

If you find the basic toilet timer a little too ordinary, be aware that there is a Trump version! You can buy a Donald with golden hair sitting on a golden throne, who uses his phone probably to tweet :-)

Photo : Amazon

Who would you give this gift to? You probably already thought of someone!

Or are you the one who might get one as a gift ?! ;-)

Source: Ipnoze · Photo Credit: Facebook

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