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12 beautiful things to make with terracotta pots

12 beautiful things to make with terracotta pots
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You can create so many things with terra cotta pots !

You can paint or decorate them with acrylic paint, it's really easy !

They are also very easy to transform, you can make something amazing !

You can also stick fabrics on these pots. Use some fabric glue or Mod Podge and you can turn your flower pots into a decorative object.

Do you want to transform your terracotta pots?

Here are 12 projects made with terracotta pots to decorate your garden or home:

1) Insert a metal rod into the first hole of a large flowerpot placed on the ground and put this rod into the ground. Then put 6 pots on this rod. Add soil into each pot and plant the flowers of your choice !


2) Use wire rope and (1/8") ferrules, glass and tile drill bits (1/2") to make the openings on the flowerpot, 2 terracotta saucers. Hang the bird feeder on a hook.


3) Mod Podge and napkins! First paint, then glue the napkins, then let dry. Apply Mod Podge everywhere to protect the pattern onto the terracotta!


4) You must glue all the pots together with a hot glue gun, then add green moss between the pots. We add potting soil in the pots, then we plant succulent plants!


5) Create almost the same thing on a tray with a big candle in the middle!


6) If you go to Japan, you will see copper chains with a series of cups, hanging from the gutters of homes and even temples. Well these chains are not decorative, they replace downspouts. These chains are there to harness the flow of rain water in such a simple, calming way. You can do the same thing with chain and small terracotta pots and small metal rings! And if you prefer the natural color of the pots, you are not obliged to paint them!


7) Fix the pots to a wreath with wire and glue green moss between the pots. Then add Succulent plants on the wreath.


8) Make a dessert stand! Your cakes will be beautiful on this stand. You can create it with a saucer and a terracotta pot. Use silicone glue to glue the two items together. Then spray white paint.


9) Make a smoker:

You will need:

- A big terracotta pot

- A circular cooking grate

- 4 heat-resistant bricks (2 on the inside, 2 on the outside)

- A metal pie pan


10) Make an unusual dessert for your friends! Make some S'mores in terracotta pots protected with aluminum foil.


11) Use Mod Podge to decorate flower pots! Apply the glue on the pots. Then add the lace. Let it dry completely (24h), before applying a layer of glue all over the lace and the pots. Let dry 24 hours, before using the pots.


12) Make a fountain with terracotta pots and a fountain pump. Soak the 3 terra cotta saucers for several hours in the water, and then file the terracotta saucers so that the water flows from one saucer to another. Watch the video tutorial under the photo to understand the principle.


Watch the video:

Source: YouTube Menards

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