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13 people who tried to renovate their homes and they did horrible, the last picture is a nightmare!

13 people who tried to renovate their homes and they did horrible, the last picture is a nightmare!
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13 horrible constructions!

We all agree on the fact that we decorate our homes according to our personal tastes and our needs.

Sometimes I visit friends and I am impressed by the efforts they have made to decorate their homes or renovate their homes. It inspires me to decorate my own home.

However, sometimes, I see houses (on television or on the Internet) that leave me stunned! I wonder how people make to live in such houses and live in a decor that is really not functional.

The next pictures will definitely leave you speechless. Some will even make you laugh! Looking at the following 13 photos, we wonder what were people thinking during the renovation and construction of these rooms!

First example

It opens ... a little.

Did you always wanted a drawer in which only small items can be stowed? This drawer is useless!

Second example
We all want to have a kitchen island, but a central island like this ... I'm not sure! We wonder what people think when they decorate their home!

Third example

The kitchen is not so bad, except that when we look to the right of the photo, we are ... surprised ! Here ... a toilet!

Fourth example

"Do not worry, I'm sure it still works!"

What could go wrong with a glass-top stove? It's not like it's just going to explode one day, right when you're in the middle of making spaghetti. I'm kidding, of course!

Fifth example

Why would you ever need to do your laundry and your cooking at the same time? Or in the same month?

Do they just choose daily if they get clean clothes or fresh food?

Sixth example

This, friends, is why fake drawers exist!

Seventh example

What do you think of this kitchen? Why the refrigerator is in the center of the kitchen?

Eighth example

This photo is not scary, but I wanted to share it with you because it is special! Have you noticed the shadows on the wall? Looks like people in a park! This one makes me laugh!

Ninth example

This drawer is fully functional to hold, one, maybe two knives? But isn't it weird that the sides of the drawer are together almost wider than the space in between?

Tenth example

Why not take a good bath together after a dinner with friends? I'm kidding, of course! Who thought it was a good idea to do this?

Eleventh example

Are we on a diet? You can only eat food that fits into this refrigerator. You will not eat watermelons, that's for sure!

Twelfth example

The question is ... why?

Thirteenth example

Do you know the small "laboratory-style" kitchen? We found it!

This is the end of our visit of the horrible kitchens. I hope that made you laugh!

Source: Diply · Photo Credit: Diply

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