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15 original ideas to create tables with built-in planters

15 original ideas to create tables with built-in planters
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We like to enjoy the nice weather with a good coffee, a cocktail or a meal outside. We can of course also simply enjoy good conversation with our friends, comfortably sitted and surrounded by greenery and flowers.

So when furniture has greenery, it's the best thing ever!

You can make your own table with old wooden pallet and plant nice plants inside. Here are 15 models that you should like.

Idea # 1: Why don't you grow mint in your coffee table to always have some for your Mojitos?

source: la chouette bricole

Idea # 2: Metallic borders adorn this pretty little table

source: vie à la campagne

Idea # 3: This little table is cute and beautiful

source: dèco cool

Idea # 4: A perfect table to grow your herbs


Idea # 5: A coffee table with casters : ingenious !

source: koi forest

Idea # 6: This table with an eclectic style is very original !

source: atelier gab.e

Idea # 7: A mini Zen garden in the center of the table

source: deavita

Ideas # 8: A bigger table to share meals with loved ones


Idea # 9: Why not plant small vegetables or edible flowers here ?

source: astuces bricolage

Idea # 10: These wooden crates are really beautiful like this


Idea # 11: This wood coffee table is really nice

source: photo prima

Idea # 12: A beautiful little coffee table

source: Etsy

Idea # 13: We can also put a table with built-in planter inside the house


Idea # 14: This little table with casters can be very useful when kids want to eat !


Idea # 15: What a pleasure to relax in the garden, sitting at this beautiful table!


You can come up with your own planter table idea, for the garden, the terrace or the dining room. Recover old wooden boards, metal, forged iron. Choose the wood stain or paint that like the most. Add glass or mirror, why not?

The only limits are those you will create!

It's so pleasant to own a piece of furniture than you have made ! Even more when it's made from recycled materials; We feel proud to have made an ecofriendly furniture!

Your neighbors and friends will be amazed by your creativity!

Source: InspiDéco · Photo Credit: capture d'écran -

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