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A 21-year-old built his own custom-made tiny house!

A 21-year-old built his own custom-made tiny house!
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Josh is a 21-year-old from Ontario, Canada who had a very specific goal in mind. At only 18 years old, after watching a YouTube video, he was inspired to build and live in his very own tiny house!

That summer, he got a job and save enough money to buy a car-hauler trailer that he renovated into a custom-built tiny house. Lindsay, his girlfriend, also agreed to live in this lifestyle meaning small space but no mortgage! The couple are planing to leave all year-round at an RV park completely rent-free and mortgage-free so they can travel and spend time doing things they truly love.

The tiny house is built on an 18-foot trailer and has a 3 foot deck on the back. 

Josh built everything from the kitchen cabinets to the the custom storage bench, the closets, and even the "his and hers" desk!

The roof was hard work and is covered with standing seam metal. The house is sided with cedar and has a warm and cozy look to it.

After building his own house, Josh started a company called the Red Door Tiny Homes! He sells plan and provide assistance to other who wish to build a tiny house. 

Here's a video of the tiny house!

What do you think of the interior?

You can see more pictures on his Instagram page here.

Source: Tip Hero · Photo Credit: Instagram @red_door_tinyhomes

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