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A couple buys two shipping containers for less than $5,000 and turns them into a beautiful home!

A couple buys two shipping containers for less than $5,000 and turns them into a beautiful home!
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A unique house!

Among the ancestral homes and historic bungalows in New Orleans is a home that really stands out in the neighborhood.

Two large steel shipping containers, painted in an orange-brown, have been transformed into a unique home that can only be described as awesome!

Seth and Elisabeth bought 2 huge shipping containers for less than $5,000 and turned them into a beautiful home!

The 750-square-foot home is made of two shipping containers. The couple added a section 220-square-foot made of wood, steel cables, and polycarbonate panels.

Come visit this incredible house! The interior is rather surprising!

Good visit!

The kitchen

Upon walking into the house, you first enter the addition of this home. Polycarbonate panels look like translucent glass, letting in lots of natural light.

This part of the house is known as the "Great Room" and has two seating areas, the kitchen, and a wood island that separates the spaces. Beautiful wood flooring can be found throughout the house.

The kitchen, again

Given the small size of their home, Seth and Elisabeth were able to splurge on other things such as granite countertops and a five-burner Fisher Paykel range for Elisabeth. There is also a ventless LG combination washer and dryer located under the kitchen sink.

This house is bright

It looks like our couple enjoy reading! At the back of the house are the dining room and the library of the young couple. The dining table is made with long wooden planks just like the shelves for their books.


Painting the walls a stark white isn’t just a beautiful contrast to the natural wood flooring, but it also makes the small home feel much larger than it actually is.


The bathroom is another room where Seth and Elisabeth spent a lot of money.

The elegant bathroom has a marble countertop and a marble shower.


A large sliding door leads to the bedroom. It's a great way to save space when working with a limited amount of square footage.

Bedoom, again

The couple’s bedroom is perfectly sized for a large bed, two floating bedside tables, and a small shared closet. We almost forget that this house is made of two shipping containers.

The backyard

The biggest expense for Seth and Elisabeth is their swimming pool in the backyard, which you will see in the next pictures.

The swimming pool is surrounded by a large fence, as well as lush greenery, to give the owners privacy in their yard. The doors of the shipping container open up to reveal the master bedroom.

A beautiful house!

What do you think of this house built with two shipping containers? I must admit that I was pleasantly surprised by this house and you?

Source: Home Hacks · Photo Credit: Home Hacks

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