Houses : A family in Stockholm came up with a brilliant idea to save on their heating bills
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A family in Stockholm came up with a brilliant idea to save on their heating bills

A concept that works!

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A brilliant plan

Heating a home can be expensive, especially in countries like Sweden where it’s cold for long periods of the year.

That’s why one family in Stockholm came up with a completely brilliant plan to save on their heating bills while eliminating the need for traditional fuel.

Not only was their solution resourceful, but it was actually quite brilliant! The little family can also grow vegetables and fruits all year long!

Take a look!

Cold winters!

Stockholm, like most parts of Sweden, is known for its long and cold winters. Residents who live there need to make sure that their heat is in perfect working condition or otherwise they’ll be in for some brutally frigid nights.

Tired of expensive heating bills

Marie and Charles were tired of the expensive heating bills that came with those cold nights. They had a brilliant idea for staying warm in an affordable (and eco-friendly) way. It took some creativity and unconventional thinking.

A different house

The inside of the couple's home would probably be pretty normal at first sight for most visitors, but there is something that makes their home incredibly unique.

Eh yes!

As you can see in the other photos, Charles and Marie surrounded their house with a huge greenhouse! It works almost exactly like all other greenhouses, allowing the interior to maintain a consistent climate that is ideal for growing plants.

Keep your residents warm

In addition to the unique structure of this house, the greenhouse keeps the house warm enough so that traditional heating methods are not necessary.

A concept that dates from 1974

Charles came up with the unique idea with his friend and architect Bengt Warne, who originated this fascinating concept in 1974. Bengt had developed dozens of these types of greenhouses before helping Charles and Marie with their house.

Big house

Following Bengt’s unique design, the men covered the summer home in four-millimeter-thick glass. The square footage of the greenhouse was just about double that of the home, so there was certainly still plenty of space to walk around.

Save on the treatment for wood

Since the house in the greenhouse has never come into contact with rain or snow, the wood siding does not need to be treated with a special chemical to prevent rot.

No more heating bills

The house itself (ie the family's living space) is completely enclosed in the glass-walled greenhouse, so there are plenty of sliding doors built into the sides. This way, the family could access the outdoors easily.

A good idea?

What do you think about this concept? The most surprising thing is that the couple can grow vegetables and fruits all year long in their greenhouse !

The family can grow all kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables. So, they save a lot of money when they go shopping!

Your impressions?

What do you think of the idea of living in a ... greenhouse?

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