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A family of 5 lives in this bus! Take a look at the inside to see how they do it.

A family of 5 lives in this bus! Take a look at the inside to see how they do it.
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What a superb transformation!

What a beautiful story! A couple bought this old bus on Ebay for $1,500 and turned it into a great motorhome!

Some people like to long road trips, so you must have enough space to travel and feel good at the same time.

Kay Barnes and Tom Grantham saw this bus and thought they could transform it and use it to travel. The bus needed to be big enough for a family of 5, because the couple has 3 lovely children.

Come see their dream bus! Would you like to travel on a bus like this?

Good visit!

A transformation of 6 years

Tom and Kay spent more than 6 years working on the old bus to transform it. We can't imagine all the work that has been done on it.


This photo shows you a bit what the bus looked like during its transformation. But the couple wasn't working full-time on the bus.

The kitchen

Quite charming! The tiny kitchen features everything you could need! There is plenty of storage and a small fridge, oven and sink!

The dining area

Two people can sit at the dining area next to a wood-burner that keeps the bus warm. Once again there is storage everywhere.


Even the bus entrance has been transformed! While working on their project the family discovered that the bus previously passed Tom and Kay's house every day.

The living room

The benches in the living room turn into bed. It's a really good idea and it saves space !

Extra places to sleep

The bus can accommodate up to 6 people to sleep and it also has a small bathroom with a toilet.

A beautiful adventure

The family traveled a lot with this bus, they visited many places, like festivals and different events of this kind. However, the family decided to sell the bus on Ebay because they now want to move on and live other adventures.

The children are disappointed to no longer travel with this incredible bus but are still happy for the future ! They had a great time with their family and that's the most important ! I hope you enjoyed this bus !

Source: The sun · Photo Credit: The sun

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