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A house in the garden for grandma, a nice alternative to nursing home

A house in the garden for grandma, a nice alternative to nursing home
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Our parents and grandparents take care of us for years and even help us often with our own children. But when they are old, they need us. Especially if the disease or other disabilities occur.

But we do not all have large houses adapted to their needs, to properly accommodate them. So what can we do when we refuse to send our parent or grandparents to a nursing home ?

One solution exists : the MEDCottage houses.

These prefabricated and pre-equipped units can be installed in a backyard and connected to existing sewer, water and electricity lines.

source : Goodfullness

It is an affordable alternative compared to nursing homes.

The MEDCottage is a mobile, modular medical home designed to be temporarily placed on a caregiver's property for rehabilitation and extended care. You could call it " state-of-the-art hospital room " with remote monitoring available so caregivers and family members have peace of mind knowing they are providing the best possible care. The proximity of loved ones is important for physical healing and mental well-being.

The pods are nice, spacious and prettier than a hospital room !

source : Goodfullness

source : Goodfullness

Inside the pods are interactive video displays that can measure things like blood pressure. The basic MEDCottage is 12 by 24 feet, has vinyl siding, and double French doors to accommodate a wheelchair bound person.

The kitchen is small but quite functional.

source : Goodfullness

The large shower, equipped with benches is perfect.

source : Goodfullness

This kind of house allows to preserve the intimacy of each one while ensuring the proximity and the care adapted to the person who need them (for a moment of for a long time).

What do you think of this alternative ? Would you consider this option to provide home care to your elders ? As our parents get older, we are always looking for more ways to keep them close and take care of them. Rather then putting them in a nursing home, these "Granny Pods" are a perfect alternative !

If you're curious to see more, take a look at the following video :

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