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A man builds a house from a shipping container and the interior is surprising!

A man builds a house from a shipping container and the interior is surprising!
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Nowadays, there are houses that are built with all kinds of materials and people are trying to be more and more ecological in the choice and construction of a house.

One of the most popular materials for building an out-of-the-ordinary home are the shipping containers and as you will see in this article, do not be fooled by appearances because these homes can be very surprising.

For a member of his family, the owner of the company ' Backcountry Containers ' built a house with a shipping container ! The result is really amazing.

This home located in Texas is truly amazing.

There is a staircase to go up on the roof and make barbecues because the roof is actually a terrace, this is a great way to use all the space available and provided by the container. Brilliant idea.

The terrace is very nice, as you can see this terrace is quite spacious ! You can relax and enjoy the view !

However, it is the interior that surprises the most because we do not expect so much space and all these amenities. The interior is also very comfortable. There is a bed, a sofa next to it and a TV on the wall.

There is also a wardrobe to store a large number of shoes.

In addition to being pretty, the kitchen is also very functional.

The blue drawers are sumptuous !

There is a large refrigerator, a large oven and running water. There is also a dishwasher and a sink !

In addition, there is plenty of storage space.

The bathroom is also very cute

There are toilets . . .

and a shower with ceramic tile, it is more beautiful than some showers found in traditional houses.

And finally, there is a washing machine ! Eh yes ! Everything has been thought to accommodate all the amenities we need in this modern era.

A tiny cozy and functional house, what else ?

So what do you think about this extraordinary house ? Would you be able to live in such a shipping container home or do you prefer a classic house ?

Source: Newsner · Photo Credit: BackCountryContainers

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