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A man restores these 184-year-old ruined house and the result is simply amazing.

A man restores these 184-year-old ruined house and the result is simply amazing.
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Two centuries can do a lot of damage to any property, even if it was originally well built. The weather is an important factor in damaging an old structure, but if no one cares for the maintenance over the years, the building can easily fall into ruin.

But if someone loves challenges and wants to restore these old ruins, it's possible but it's hard work!

This is what happened when Imgur's user, BlacksmithSam, undertook to restore a small building near his family home, both were built by a man named Ephram Woodworth in the early 1800s.

Do you want to see the restoration steps? It's fascinating!


The house below was built in 1833 by Ephram Woodworth. After learning that the government was building a road between Milwaukee and Green Bay. He claimed for unused land to build this small house, in wich he was living in while planning a bigger place for his family.

BlacksmithSam decided to restore the house in order to make it a workshop.

An idea that makes people talk!

The community architectural board liked the idea of restoring the house, although they agreed with the city that it was a crazy plan. Who would want to put all that work into this damaged house? BlacksmithSam saw things differently.

Make the floor

Before he did anything else, BlacksmithSam had to level the ground. He started with a gravel foundation, and then spread three layers of a mixture of concrete and mortar on top.

Work despite the weather!

The weather was inevitable and it slows down the project considerably. Whenever it was raining, BlacksmithSam was losing more mortar and had to make the walls again. He is a very patient man!

Fix the walls

BlacksmithSam spent months chiselling and repairing the walls. He also repaired the cracked and missing mortar so that the stone is waterproof and sealed against the outside elements.

Build the missing wall!

BlacksmithSam wrote that in the 1980s or 1990s, someone removed the fourth wall to use stone in a flower garden in the front yard. He decided to use these same stones to restore the wall!

The fourth wall

It was too expensive for BlacksmithSam to build the fourth wall exactly as it was originally built, and the city would not allow it anyway. Instead, he built the wall with these concrete blocks.

A job that requires patience!

In order to produce enough mortar and concrete for this job, BlacksmithSam had two cement mixers that were constantly working.

Cover the wall

BlacksmithSam and his team could only build the wall a few feet at a time, otherwise it would fall over them and they would have to start all over again. BlacksmithSam called it a "labor of love" because he had to be patient to install only a few stones at a time and wait for the whole thing to dry.

Make the roof!

Using only cedar wood, the team successfully finished the roof before the first snowfall in 2016. After months and months of hard work, the biggest parts of the house were finished! The house needed new doors.

The result

BlacksmithSam also used cedar for the new doors, and by the first snowfall, everything was done. The house has been completely restored! Our builder uses this house as a workshop. Congratulations to this man, because this project was not easy!

Do you like this story and the result? Feel free to leave us your thougts!

Source: Boredom Therapy · Photo Credit: Boredom Therapy

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