Houses : A single mother facing homelessness builds a $ 10,000 home for her family
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A single mother facing homelessness builds a $ 10,000 home for her family

A very beautiful story.

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The story of the Australian Charlotte Sapwell looks like a real fairy tale. While she was almost homeless after her divorce, she had to find a new home and decided to build it herself rather than take a loan to buy one.

This is the Diply website that relates this beautiful story, Charlotte Sapwell, this young mother who built her own tiny house. Indeed, after her divorce she was in a very complicated situation. She had to find a new home for herself and her two children. Charlotte being at that time in a delicate financial situation, it was not an easy task.

Diply explains that she had two choices in front of her, either take a $ 300,000 mortgage to buy a new house or live the adventure of her life and decide to build her own tiny home for only $ 10,000. She chose the second solution and with the help of her grandfather she was able to build her own house. She did not even take out a loan at the bank since it was her grandfather who gave her the money.

According to information obtained by Diply, the house is really small : 3 x 6 meters. Yet she managed to install a bedroom for her children with a bunk bed. She had to make concessions like accepting that her bedroom is also the living room and the kitchen, but she seems very happy with her choice. Indeed, she explains that it is priceless to be independent and to have built her own house.

So it's a real 'rebirth' for Charlotte Sapwell who has enjoyed her experience so much that she decided to start her own tiny house construction business to share her experience with others, says the Diply website. Indeed, she has developed skills and she knows very well how to organize a small space, and this is amazing.

Tiny homes are becoming more and more trendy right now. Living in small places would attract the youngest generations. And you, would you be ready to live in a house as small as this one ?

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Source: Diply
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