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A Swiss village offers 53 000 € to people who wants to live there!

A Swiss village offers 53 000 € to people who wants to live there!
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A village in the Alps with only 240 inhabitants may disappear because of the high rate of emigration of its inhabitants.

The village of Albinen has found an unusual way to survive ! It offers a very attractive financial compensation to people wishing to come and live there. If you have always dreamed of living in Europe, here is your chance!

This village is located in the canton of Valais. To ensure its durability, the government offers 25,000 Swiss francs (€ 18,900 per person), to people who wants to move there. This original initiative aims to repopulate the community.


The main condition for this generous payment is to be under 45 years of age. In addition to receiving the amount mentioned above, you would also be entitled to an additional 10,000 Swiss francs (€ 7,600) for each child, so imagine if you have a big family!


Among the advantages offered by this town, there are the incredible panoramic views, the great quietness and the air quality. In addition, Albinen is located only 6.4 kilometers drive from Leukerbard. Leukerbad houses Europe’s largest thermal baths.

Surrounded by the Alps and at an altitude of 1310 meters, in the south-west of Switzerland, this beautiful town has forests and small bovins and agricultural zones. In the center of the village, there are beautiful ancestral homes, historic buildings, a shop and a church. In the region, the official language is German.

The small town has a fairly successful tourist industry during the holidays, but then it's too quiet, which is not good for the local economy, hence the initiative. Even the school had to shut down due to lack of students. The arrival of families could make it reopen!


To have this grant, apart from being under 45 years of age, you have to build or acquire a property worth at least € 151,900 and live there year-round, not just for holidays.

People will also have to live there for at least 10 years, otherwise the money will be seized. Local authorities hope that with the new influx of buyers, the economy of the town will benefit from taxes for construction contracts and real estate purchases.

Despite these obligations, admit that the place seems so beautiful, that 10 years is not so long! You might want to stay there much longer!

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